Sympathetic Ophthalmitis: A Rare Case Report.


Dr Md Abdullah, Assistant Registrar, Department of Ophthalmology, Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH), Mymensingh, Bangladesh; E-mail: drmd [Email]


Sympathetic ophthalmitis (SO) is defined as bilateral granulomatous panuveitis occurring after penetrating ocular trauma or intraocular surgery. It is now rare due to micro-surgical repair of ocular injury and use of steroid. An 18 years old boy admitted into Ophthalmology department of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, Mymensingh, Bangladesh on 2nd March 2018. He got penetrating corneal injury in R/E with sharp pointed object 01 month back. It was conservatively managed but his right eye became phthisical. After 04 weeks his left eye was affected in which VA became 3/60, features of panuveitis developed. It was managed with high dose steroid and immunomodulatory drug (Azathioprine). Ultimately his vision of left eye is fully preserved (6/6). So, after a trauma or surgery to one eye, another eye should be meticulously examined and followed up. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of Sympathetic Ophthalmitis may prevent from blindness.

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