Synthesis Procedure of Highly Densely Packed Carbon Nanotube Forests on TiN.


Nanomaterials Research Group, Department of Chemistry, Universidad Ana G. Méndez-Gurabo Campus, 189 St. Rd. km 3.3, Gurabo, PR 00778, USA. [Email]


The goal of this research was to obtain high-density single-walled carbon nanotube forests (SWNTs) on conductive substrates for different applications, including field emission. For this, dip-coating was chosen as the catalyst deposition method, to subsequently grow SWNTs by Alcohol Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (AC-CVD). Si (100) was chosen as the substrate, which was then coated with a TiN thin film. By sputtering with Ar, it was possible to generate alternating TiN and Si lanes, with a different wettability and, therefore, a different affinity for the catalysts. As a result, the Mo‒Co catalyst was mainly deposited on TiN and not on sputtered-Si, which allowed the selective growth of SWNT forests on the TiN conductive surfaces. These as-synthesized SWNTs were used for field emission measurements in a high vacuum chamber.


AC-CVD,Mo‒Co catalysts,SWNT,TiN,field emission,

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