Synthesis of Propylene-co-Styrenic Monomer Copolymers via Arylation of Chlorinated PP and Their Compatibilization for PP/PS Blend.


College of Materials Science and Engineering, Qiqihar University, Qiqihar 161006, China. [Email]


A series of propylene-co-styrenic monomer copolymers were synthesized using the Friedel⁻Crafts alkylation reaction between chlorinated PP and substituted benzene, and the effects of these copolymers on a PP/PS (80/20) blend were investigated by using the impact test, morphology observation, thermo- and dynamic mechanical analysis, and rheology measurements. The results showed that the compatibilization efficiency varied as the variation of the substitute on the benzene ring of the styrenic monomer unit was incorporated in the PP chain in an order of methyl > ethyl > methoxyl. The copolymers bearing a crystalline isotactic polypropylene chain sequence and rubbery propylene-co-styrene-like unit chain segments may prepossess imaginable applications, giving an example for the synthesis and applications of PP-based copolymers, initiating a new way to broaden the polyolefin-based material family.


chlorinated polypropylene,compatibilization,polymer blend,polypropylene,polystyrene,