The Haematococcus pluvialis extract enriched by bioaccumulation process with Mg(II) ions improves insulin resistance in equine adipose-derived stromal cells (EqASCs).


Department of Experimental Biology, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Norwida 27B, 50-375 Wroclaw, Poland. Electronic address: [Email]


Insulin resistance (IR) is one of the characteristic features of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). Presently, the only therapies of choice are caloric restrictions combined with mineral supplementation, which might improve insulin sensitivity. In this study we investigated the effect of Haematococcus pluvialis algae water extract enriched in bioaccumulation process in magnesium ions (Hp_Mg(II)) on equine adipose derived mesenchymal stromal stem cells, in which insulin resistance was induced by palmitic acid (IR-EqASCs). For this purpose, chemical characterization of H. pluvialis was performed with special emphasis on the analysis of minerals composition, total phenolic and carotenoids contents, as well as scavenging activity. To examine the influence of H. pluvialis extract on IR-EqASCs, various methods of molecular biology and microscopic observations (i.e., immunofluorescence staining, SEM, gene expression by RT-qPCR, proliferative and metabolic cells activity analysis) were applied to investigate in vitro viability, oxidative stress markers and apoptosis-related factor accumulation, along with insulin resistance-related genes expression. Obtained results show, that Hp_Mg(II) significantly improves proliferative and metabolic activity of IR-EqASCs, shortens their population doubling time, improves their clonogenic potential and reduces expression of apoptosis related genes. Moreover, anti-oxidative effect of extract was presented.


Equine ASCs,Haematococcus pluvialis,Insulin resistance,