The Impact of a New "Inverted Arch" Prosthetic Annuloplasty Ring on the Mitral Valve's 3-D Motion: An Experimental Ex-Vivo Study.


Department of Experimental Surgery, University Hospital of Novara, 28100 Novara, Italy. [Email]


This experimental study aimed to evaluate the ex-vivo three-dimensional (3-D) motion of the Inverted Arch Ring (IAR), an innovative new design concept for a flexible incomplete annuloplasty prosthesis with an incorporated stabilizing rigid arch that can be used in correcting mitral valve regurgitation. Twenty explanted porcine hearts were placed in a circulation simulation system. Ultrasonometry transducers implanted in the mitral annulus were used to measure the 3-D valvular motion during a simulated cardiac cycle. Annular distance measurements were recorded and compared in each heart before and after the implantation of the IAR prosthesis at pressures corresponding to mid-systole and mid-diastole. Distances measured in mid-systole and mid-diastole demonstrated no significant differences in annular motion or in valve areas either prior to or after IAR implantation. Therefore, the results of this study confirm the minimal effects exerted by the IAR prosthesis on the mitral valve's 3-D motion during a simulated cardiac cycle.


mitral valve annuloplasty,mitral valve repair,prosthetic mitral ring,

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