The Oleaceae family: A source of secoiridoids with multiple biological activities.


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In the quest to search and discover bioactive compounds from nature, terpenoids have emerged as one of the most interesting and researched classes of compounds. Secoiridoid, a type of the terpenoid, has also been extensively studied, especially their chemical structures and pharmacological effects. Oleaceae is a family of woody dicotyledonous plants with broad economic and medicinal values. This family contains a large number of flavonoids, monoterpenoids, iridoids, secoiridoids and phenylethyl alcohols, of which the secoiridoids have various biological activities. The purpose of this review is to summarize the phytochemical and pharmacological of the secoiridoids (glycosides, aglycones, derivatives and dimers) in the Oleaceae family from 1987 to 2018. This review will also serve as a reference for further studies.


Oleaceae,Oleuropein,Pharmacological effect,Phytochemistry,Secoiridoid,