The Role of Renal Interstitial Cells in Proximal Tubular Regeneration.


Institute of Physiology, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany, [Email]


The healthy kidney is considered to be a relatively stable organ with little baseline cell turnover. Nevertheless, cells are constantly replaced to conserve the structural and functional integrity of the organ. The mechanisms of the baseline regenerative processes may also be relevant in situations of insults to the kidney, when the need for cellular replacement considerable exceeds the baseline cell turnover. This review will focus on the mechanisms of the regeneration of the tubular system, in particular the proximal tubule. Specifically, we will cover new aspects of (i), the regenerative capacity of the proximal tubule in health and disease, (ii) the relevant cell populations of proximal tubular regeneration, and (iii) the supportive role of renal interstitial cells in regenerative processes of the tubular system.


Chronic kidney disease,Intravital imaging,Renal interstitial cells,Renal regeneration,