The impact of Nd: YAG laser posterior capsulotomy by the use of "the circular pattern with vitreous strand cut" technique on anterior chamber parameters.


Nermien Salah El-Dien Mohammed El-Haddad


Faculty of Medicine, AL-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of Nd: YAG laser posterior capsulotomy using an anterior chamber morphology.
METHODS : This study included 42 eyes of 33 pseudophakic patients with visually significant PCO after uncomplicated cataract surgery. Exclusion criteria were complications related to cataract surgery, corneal pathology, pseudoexfoliation, glaucoma, uveitis, previous ocular surgery or trauma, and posterior segment pathology. All patients underwent routine ophthalmic examinations. The AS-OCT measurements were performed using NIDEK RS-3000 Lite retinal scan with anterior segment module. The anterior chamber depth (ACD) was measured by Monitor A&B Scan biometer. Nd: YAG laser posterior capsulotomy was done in a single session by the circular pattern with rupture of vitreous strands. Anterior chamber depth (ACD), central corneal thickness (CCT), and intraocular pressure (IOP) were measured. Anterior chamber angle (ACA), angle opening distances (AOD) at 500 mm (AOD500), AOD at 750 mm (AOD750), trabecular-iris space area at 500 (TISA 500), and TISA at 750 (TISA 750) were measured both nasally and temporally.
RESULTS : The mean patient age was 55.56 ± 6.33 years. There were non-significant changes in IOP, ACD, and CCT with P values 0.395, 0.153, and 0.541, respectively. ACA, AOD500, AOD750, TISA 500, and TISA 750 highly significantly increased with P value < 0.001 for all.
CONCLUSIONS : Nd: YAG laser posterior capsulotomy with the circular pattern with vitreous strand cut technique is a safe technique for laser posterior capsulotomy.


Circular pattern,Nd: YAG laser,Posterior capsulotomy,Vitreous strand cut technique,