The impact of perceived discrimination on depressive symptoms and the role of differentiated social support among immigrant populations in South Korea.


Department of Health Science and Services, School of Public Health Seoul National University, 1 Kwanak-ro, Kwanak-gu, Seoul, 151-742, South Korea. [Email]


Previous studies demonstrated a positive association between perceived discrimination and mental health problems among immigrants in countries that traditionally host immigrants. Recent trends in international migration show that there has been a significant increase in immigrant populations in East Asian countries. These newer host countries have different social contexts from traditional ones, yet mental health among these immigrants and its relationship to discrimination are under-researched. Thus, this study aimed to examine the association between perceived discrimination and depressive symptoms among immigrants in one of the newer host countries, South Korea. Moreover, we investigated if differentiated social support (ethnic, host or other support) serves as a moderator of discrimination for depressive symptoms.


Depressive symptoms,Discrimination,Immigrants,Social support,South Korea,