The prognostic impact of tet oncogene family member 2 mutations in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: a systematic-review and meta-analysis.


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BACKGROUND : The impact of Tet oncogene family member 2 (TET2) mutations on the prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is still controversial. A meta analysis is needed in order to assess the prognostic significance of TET2 mutation in AML.
METHODS : Five databases including PubMed, Cochrane, EMBase, China National Knowledge Internet (CNKI) and Wanfang database were retrieved to search studies that investigated the correlation between TET2 mutations and outcomes of AML patients. Pooled hazard ratios (HRs) and odds ratios (ORs) were used to assess the effects of TET2 mutations.
RESULTS : Sixteen studies were included. TET2 mutation was an unfavorable prognostic factor for overall survival (OS: HR = 1.386; P < 0.001) and event-free survival (EFS: HR = 1.594; P = 0.002) in patients with AML. For patients under 65 years of age, TET2 mutation predicted an inferior OS (HR = 1.310, P = 0.051) and EFS (HR = 1.429, P = 0.027). For patients with intermediate-risk cytogenetics (IR-AML), mutant TET2 had a significant association with adverse OS (HR = 0.474; P < 0.001). For patients with normal cytogenetics (CN-AML), mutant TET2 also conferred adverse OS (HR = 1.425; P < 0.001) and EFS (HR = 1.450, P < 0.001). Further, among patients with CN-AML, mutant TET2 was associated with inferior OS (HR = 2.034, P < 0.001) and EFS (HR = 2.140, P < 0.001) in the ELN favorable-risk subgroup and an inferior EFS (HR = 1.487; P < 0.001) in the ELN intermediate-Isubgroup. With respect to treatment outcome, TET2 mutation predicted a significantly lower rate of complete remission (CR) in cases with ELN favorable-risk cytogenetics (OR = 0.460, P = 0.011).
CONCLUSIONS : TET2 mutation had adverse impacts on survival and treatment response in AML patients and will contribute to risk-stratification, prognosis prediction and therapy guidance.


Acute myeloid leukemia,Prognosis,TET2 mutation,

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