The role of neurotrophic factors in manic-, anxious- and depressive-like behaviors induced by amphetamine sensitization: Implications to the animal model of bipolar disorder.


Translational Psychiatry Laboratory, Graduate Program in Health Sciences, University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNESC), Criciúma, SC, Brazil. Electronic address: [Email]


Bipolar disorder (BD) and substance use disorders share common symptoms, such as behavioral sensitization. Amphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization can serve as an animal model of BD. Neurotrophic factors have an important role in BD pathophysiology. This study evaluated the effects of amphetamine sensitization on behavior and neurotrophic factor levels in the brains of rats.


Amphetamine sensitization,Anxious-like behavior,Bipolar disorder,Depression-like behavior,Manic-like behavior,Neurotrophic factor,