The role of the internet in the cancer experience: Synthesizing patient and provider views to forge new directions for care.


College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, Contact number: 306 291 8439, [Email]


The CANO/ACIO Clinical Lectureship highlights an innovative nursing intervention or nursing-led study that aims to improve the quality of life for individuals on the cancer journey. People with cancer have high information and supportive care needs, and despite the best efforts of cancer care clinicians, these needs are sometimes left unmet. The advent of the internet has allowed for the democratization of cancer knowledge and the development of online cancer resources, applications, and communities. To date, little research explores the role of cancer-related internet information (CRII) in the cancer experience, particularly the role it plays in the healthcare professional relationships and the selection and use of healthcare services. In this lectureship, I present key findings from a mixed methods study exploring how the use of CRII informs the patient experience, with an emphasis on how oncology nurses, as integral members of the cancer care team, can incorporate these findings into their practice.