The spider wasp genus Telostholus Haupt, 1929 (Hymenoptera, Pompilidae) in Indonesia, with the description of three new species.


Federal Scientific Center of the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok-22, 690022, Russia.. [Email]


Four species of the genus Telostholus Haupt, 1929 are reported from Indonesia, three of them are described and illustrated as new species: T. celebes Loktionov Lelej, sp. nov. (Sulawesi), T. rinjani Loktionov Lelej, sp. nov. (Lombok) and T. sulawesi Loktionov Lelej, sp. nov. (Sulawesi). The genus Telostholus is newly recorded from the islands of Sulawesi and Lombok. A key to the Indonesian species is given for females.


Hymenoptera, Spider wasps, Pompilinae, taxonomy, new taxa, key, Oriental Region, Wallace Line,

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