Transparent to Black Electrochromism-The "Holy Grail" of Organic Optoelectronics.


Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Silesian University of Technology, 9 Strzody Street, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland. [Email]


In the rapidly developing field of conjugated polymer science, the attribute of electrochromism these materials exhibit provides for a multitude of innovative application opportunities. Featuring low electric potential driven colour change, complemented by favourable mechanical and processing properties, an array of non-emissive electrochromic device (ECD) applications lays open ahead of them. Building up from the simplest two-colour cell, multielectrochromic arrangements are being devised, taking advantage of new electrochromic materials emerging at a fast pace. The ultimate device goal encompasses full control over the intensity and spectrum of passing light, including the two extremes of complete and null transmittance. With numerous electrochromic device architectures being explored and their operating parameters constantly ameliorated to pursue this target, a summary and overview of developments in the field is presented. Discussing the attributes of reported electrochromic systems, key research points and challenges are identified, providing an outlook for this exciting topic of polymer material science.


displays,e-paper,electrochemistry,electrochromic device,electrochromism,pi-conjugated molecule,polymer,redox doping,smart window,