Ultrasound-mediated diagnostic imaging and advanced treatment with multifunctional micro/nanobubbles.


Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine, Tianjin University, 300072, Tianjin, China; Tianjin Key Laboratory of Brain Science and Neural Engineering, Tianjin University, 300072, Tianjin, China. Electronic address: [Email]


Ultrasound associated with ultrasound contrast agents has witnessed ever-growing innovations and applications for disease-targeted diagnosis and therapy. With these state-of-the-art technologies, brand-new invasive or minimally invasive treatments are on the way to be clinically translated. This mini-review focuses on the ultrasound and ultrasound-related micro/nanobubbles as multifunctional agents for drug/gene delivery and multi-modality treatments, e.g. photodynamic, sonodynamic and photothermal therapies in a precise and visualized manner.


Gas-filled bubbles,Photodynamic,Photothermal,Sonodynamic treatment,Ultrasound,

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