Updates on Bioengineered Alternative Tissues.


Department of Orthopaedics, UMMC Limb Preservation Clinic, University of Maryland, University of Maryland School of Medicine, 2200 Kernan Drive, Baltimore, MD 21207, USA. Electronic address: [Email]


Over the past quarter century, the management of diabetic wounds and their sequelae has improved dramatically. One of the greatest areas of advancement includes the development of bioengineered alternative tissues that act as adjuncts to the deficits of chronic wounds and accelerate healing. The use of bioengineered alternative tissues will likely only continue to dominate the outpatient and perioperative management of chronic, recalcitrant wounds as new additional products continue to cut costs and improve wound healing expectations. This article reviews common and novel bioengineered alternative tissue products, identifying their unique composition, function, and current published outcome data.


Bioengineered tissue,Chronic wounds,Diabetic foot ulcer,Wound healing,