Vascular biomedicine in an era of chronic disease and multimorbidity.


Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K. [Email]


It is increasingly common that patients present with more than one disease and that diseases are chronic in nature. Cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, heart failure and stroke, renal diseases and cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes are prime examples of chronic diseases which pose major challenges in contemporary healthcare provision. The complex features of multimorbidity call for precision medicine approaches that take comorbidity and chronicity into account. The research basis of chronic disease and multimorbidity, however, is currently in its infancy. This applies to all domains including basic, translational and clinical science. In this article we call for development of new models, smarter use of existing models and better characterisation of vascular and cardiovascular phenotypes in studies not directly related to cardiovascular diseases. This has the potential to further improve the quality of translational research, papers in journals such as Clinical Science and ultimately translate into better patient care.


cardiovascular disease,chronic disease,multimorbidity,precision medicine,vascular biomedicine,

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