Vermamoeba vermiformis as etiological agent of a painful ulcer close to the eye.


Laboratory of Medical Parasitology, Department XXI (Med. Microbiology), Central Military Hospital Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany. [Email]


In the present article, we report on the identification of Vermamoeba (Hartmannella) vermiformis as the etiological agent of a tissue infection close to the eye of a female patient. Laboratory examination revealed no involvement of any pathogenic bacteria or fungi in the tissue infection. V. vermiformis was identified by cultivation and morphology of trophozoites and cysts as well as phylogenetic analysis of nuclear 18S rDNA. The lesion improved in the course of 4 weeks by application of zinc paste.


Free-living amoebae,Hartmannella vermiformis,Tissue infection,Vermamoeba vermiformis,