Viabahn stent graft in the management of a grade 3 coronary perforation.


Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. [Email]


BACKGROUND : Coronary artery perforation during coronary intervention has high morbidity and mortality. This case describes the collaboration between interventional cardiologists and Interventional radiologists to successfully deploy a peripheral arterial stent graft in a coronary artery that demonstrated persistent extravasation after coronary specific stent graft placement.
METHODS : An 84 year old female patient presented with acute coronary syndrome and coronary angiography identified a right coronary artery lesion. This was dilated and stented but resulted in a grade 3 coronary perforation. Conservative treatment with balloon tamponade failed, as did placement of a covered coronary-specific stent graft. A Viabahn peripheral arterial stent graft was placed within the indwelling stents and successfully sealed the endoleak. At 6 months the patient is clinically well and follow-up imaging has demonstrated stent patency.
CONCLUSIONS : In the emergency setting when coronary artery perforation fails to respond to standard initial and bail out techniques, peripheral arterial techniques and devices can be extremely useful. A good relationship between interventional cardiology and radiology is paramount.


Coronary artery perforation,Multi disciplinary team working,Stent graft,