Vitamin D in burn-injured patients.


Department of Pharmacy, Loyola University Medical Center, United States. Electronic address: [Email]


Recently, many studies have demonstrated pleotropic effects of vitamin D, including immune modulation and cardiovascular system activity. Sufficient vitamin D concentrations and supplementation of vitamin D may be of benefit in burn-injured patients. Low 25(OH)D has been observed in nearly all pediatric and most adult burn patients. Vitamin D has primarily been studied in pediatric burn patients, focusing on bone marker measurements and the incidence of fractures. The preferred vitamin D dose, formulation, and route of administration remain unknown, and there is limited data on the impact of vitamin D status on clinical outcomes. Further research should focus on determining optimal monitoring strategies, supplementation regimens and clinical outcomes like mortality, length of stay and incidence of sepsis.


Burns,Deficiency,Pediatric,Vitamin D,

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