Volatile metabolites, quality and sensory parameters of "Ferrovia" sweet cherry cold stored in air or packed in high CO2 modified atmospheres.


Institute of Food Science, National Research Council (CNR), Via Roma 64, 83100 Avellino, Italy. Electronic address: [Email]


Volatile organic compounds, quality and sensory attributes of sweet cherry cv "Ferrovia", cold packaged in Air or in different modified atmospheres (Low-O2 = 1% O2/0.03% CO2; High-CO2 = 16% O2/20% CO2; Mix = 1% O2/20% CO2), were monitored until 21 days of conservation. Results showed that sweet cherry cv "Ferrovia" is sensitive to CO2 accumulation (over 20%) in low oxygen (about 1%) modified atmosphere, as showed by the increase in respiration rate, biosynthesis of fermentative volatile metabolites, and sensory perception of off-odours. However, High-CO2 treatment seemed to preserve quality and sensory traits, presumably due to the high initial concentration of O2 (16%) that could limit the synthesis of ethyl esters and γ-butyrolactone, keeping the accumulation of off-flavours below their sensory perception threshold. Finally, PLSR analysis allowed to select 1-pentanol as putative marker of sensory alteration and hexanal and 2-hexenal as possible predictors of freshness for "Ferrovia" sweet cherries.


PCA,PLSR,Respiration activity,Sensory analysis,Sweet cherry cv “Ferrovia”,Volatile organic compounds,

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