Ways of seeing and doing: health, disease and care in marketers' family units.


Milena Nascimento Guirra Saturnino


Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas sobre o Cuidar/Cuidado, Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana. Av. Transnordestina s/n, Novo Horizonte. 44036-900 Feira de Santana BA Brasil. [Email]


The concepts of health, disease, care and care practices in family units of marketers in Feira de Santana (BA), Brazil, are the object of the study, which aimed to understand the relationships between the concepts of health, disease, care and ways of seeing their care practices. An exploratory research through qualitative approach was conducted with 16 marketers through a semi-structured interview. The corpus was submitted to thematic content analysis. The concepts about health, disease and care are linked to the explanatory models of health-disease process emanating from the professional sector of care and to the socially constructed of action rationales and are coordinated with the ways of daily acting to provide care. The family stands out in the care of its members through solidarity, leveraging resources in order to overcome health problems. Among the therapeutic options, the marketers use the informal sector, especially home care provided by their support network. The family is a network of social support that assumes a moral and solidary duty in the provision of health care to its members without relinquishing the healthcare networks.

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