Y90 Radioembolization Dosimetry: Concepts for the Interventional Radiologist.


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Transarterial radioembolization (TARE) with beta particle emitting microspheres via Yttrium-90 decay has become a fundamental component of the contemporary Interventional Oncology practice. TARE continues to advance as a result of increased utilization, clinical study, technological improvements, and evolving applications. To maximize TARE safety and efficacy, a core understanding of dosimetry is essential. The intent of this overview is to provide the reader with a general survey of radiation physics and biology, device differentiation, patient selection, anatomic assessment, activity administration models, and procedural techniques involved with TARE dosimetry.


BSA,MIRD,Partition,Radiation Lobectomy,Radiation Segmentectomy,Radioembolization,

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