miR-500 promotes cell proliferation by directly targetting LRP1B in prostate cancer.


Department of Pediatrics, The Taizhou People's Hospital, Taizhou 225300, China [Email] [Email]


Accumulating evidence suggests that miRNAs play a crucial role in the development of prostate cancer (PC); however, the role of miR-500 in PC remains poorly understood. The data presented here reveal abnormal increases in miR-500 expression in PC tissues and cell lines. Suppression of miR-500 expression significantly inhibited the proliferation of PC-3 and LnCap cells and was negatively regulative with low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1B (LRP1B). Increased cell cycle arrest at the G1 stage and decreased protein expression of cyclinD1 and CDK2 was observed in response to miR-500 knockdown in PC-3 and LnCap cells, in combination with LRP1B overexpression. LRP1B was identified as a target of miR-500 and was significantly decreased in PC tissues. Taken together, these findings demonstrate that miR-500 plays an important role in the proliferation of PC cells via the inhibition of LRP1B expression.


LRP1B,miR-500,proliferation,prostate cancer,

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