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DUF1220 Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal fractal periods architectures breakthrough


perez, DUF1220 Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal fractal periods architectures breakthrough(2017)SDRP Journal of Cellular and Molecular Physiology 1(1)p:25-49


DUF1220 proteins regions show the largest Homosapiens lineage-specific increase in copy number of any protein-coding region in the human genome and map principally to 1q21.1, and partially also in 1p. DUF1220 deletions and reciprocal duplications have been associated with microcephaly and macrocephaly, respectively. In Colorado University Dr Sikela team established that human genome sequences encoding DUF1220, show a dramatically elevated copy number in the human lineage and variation in DUF1220 copy number has been linked to both brain size in humans and brain evolution among primates.  Remarkably, dosage variations involving DUF1220 sequences have now been linked to human brain expansion, autism severity, total IQ, and cognitive and mathematical aptitude scores. We analyzed in chromosome 1q a large region of 218 contiguous DUF1220 as well as in the chromosome 1p five other regions of DUF1220 smaller, then a total of 245 DUF1220 proteins. We supplemented by analyzing 16 RNAs of NBPF genes containing these DUF1220 and also 3 representative NBPF genes from Neanderthal genome. Finally the method is extended ananlysing the long 1q21 region from 7 other close primates like Neanderthal, great apes : chimp, gorilla, orangutan and monkeys : macaque, marmoset, vervet. This remarkable property is confirmed by comparing these primates to other mammals such as mice, rabbit, cow, dolphin and Elephant. We then show four classes of multi-periodic fractal structures for all 19 DUF1220 regions and 19 NBPF genes studied cases. The analysis of these spectra of fractal periods1 reveals a simple linear interdependence, hierarchization and unification between the numerical sequences of each of these 4 spectra and the sequences of Fibonacci and Lucas. Given the evidence of this numerical relationship, we suggest that this discovery may be one of the major causes of a cognitive development of man superior to that of the great primates.


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