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Natural hydroperoxides as potential therapeutic agents


valery dembitsky, Natural hydroperoxides as potential therapeutic agents(2015)SDRP Journal Of Plant Science 1(1)PP.1-9


Peroxy containing metabolites are an interesting group among biological active natural compounds. These metabolites contain a peroxide group (-O-O-) in which each oxygen atom is bonded to the other oxygen an to another atom. ?-Oxygen in hydroperoxide group is considered as more active. Present review describes research on more than 100 natural hydroperoxides and rare acyclic peroxides isolated from plants, algae, and fungi. Intensive searches for new classes of biologically active metabolites produced by terrestrial and marine origin have resulted in the discovery of dozens of compounds possessing high antimalarial, antibacterial, cytotoxic, and other pharmacological activities as an important source of leads for drug discovery.

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