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Sapiens mtDNA circular long-range numerical meta-structures are highly correlated with mtDNA diseases mutations

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Zhi-Dong Zhou(

Margarita A. Sazonova, PhD(


perez, Sapiens mtDNA circular long-range numerical meta-structures are highly correlated with mtDNA diseases mutations(2017)SDRP Journal of Cellular and Molecular Physiology 1(1)p:50-86


Using the circular nature of the 16kbase-pairs human mtDNA genome, we are looking for hypothetical proportions between the C + A and T + G bases. Remarkable proportions are thus discovered, the length of which may be much greater than the length of the genome. We then analyze the impact of evolution on these "numerical resonances" by comparing the referenced mtDNAs of Sapiens, Neanderthal and Denisova. Then, by analyzing 250 characteristic mutations associated with various pathologies, we establish a very strong formal causal correlation between these numerical metastructures and these referenced mutations. To summarize, we should think then research on the following situation: Inputs: 250 cases of mtDNA mutations associated with various human diseases. An operator: The exhaustive search for mtDNA genome "Fibonacci resonances" associated with these mutations. A "binary" output: a common behavior of the mtDNA genome resulting from these 250 mutations disorders.


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