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Why the genomic LOCATION of individual SNPs is FUNCTIONAL?


perez, Why the genomic LOCATION of individual SNPs is FUNCTIONAL?(2017)SDRP Journal of Cellular and Molecular Physiology 2(1)p:105-114


Background: Every human individual is differentiated from all other humans by the few million SNPs. We are interested in the immediate neighborhood of each SNP. Would the SNP point have particular properties with respect to the surrounding nucleotides at short or medium distance?
Methods: The regions encompassing each SNP are analyzed by the biomathematical method of the "Master Code of DNA" published elsewhere. In particular, we will use a progressive approach of dichotomy type.
Results: There are then two types of remarkable results. Evidence of fractal properties such as self-similarity and scale invariance. On the other hand, the position of each SNP seems to play a functional role of the "active site" type as it is found in genes and proteins.
Conclusions: Each SNP would be more important by its precise location in the genome than by the value of its local mutation T / C or A / G for example. Consequently, SNPs would play a major functional role.


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