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Before and after microwave heating, physio-chemical properties evaluation of the different percentage of rice bran filled low density polyethylene films and sensory evaluation of packaged milk


Biodegradable LDPE (Low-Density Poly Ethylene) film was industrialized with a mixture of control LDPE and rice bran. Three several mixtures 5% rice bran, 10% rice bran, and 15% rice bran was used for the preparation of biodegradable LDPE film. The films were analyzed for the surface morphology and physico-mechanical analysis before microwave heating and after microwave heating. LDPE film equipped with 15% rice bran was created to beat meth-od after microwave heating on the basis of tensile strength, percent elongation, bursting strength and water vapor transmission rate. The total migration of the test packaging materials was initiated within the agreeable limit and after microwave heating also it was within the permissible limit. The effect of rice bran on the morphology of LDPE mergers was observed using SEM. The analyzed outcomes display that the total migrations of food package are reliant arranged microwaving period, package material categories and simulator kinds.

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