Journal of Food Science & Technology

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Establishment of Prediction Model of DEHP and DEHA Migration from PVC Film into Pork


Peng Zhao, Yanping Zhang, Mingdi Jiang


In this study, the migration rule of plasticizer to pork and its influencing factor (temperature and fat content) were studied with DEHP and DEHA in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fresh-keeping film as objects. Based on the migration experimental data, the predicted model of DEHP and DEHA was presented using established Weibull distribution probability model. Finally, the migration prediction values and experimental values were compared under two different conditions (17.5% fat content at 40 °C and 37.5% fat content at 25 °C), and the results showed that there were no significant differences. Keywords: PVC, plasticizer, Weibull, migration rule, prediction model

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