Journal of Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling

ISSN: 2473-6260

Impact Factor: 0.562


Page Number: 135-178

Research DOI: 10.25177/JCCMM.2.2.5

Triplet diradicals derived from quinone-nitroxides: a quantum-chemical study

page: 172- 178
Research DOI: 10.25177/JCCMM.2.2.4

Molecular Docking and Binding Free Energy Analysis of Rutin and Apigetrin as Galectin-1 Inhibitors

page: 162- 171
Research DOI: 10.25177/JCCMM.2.2.3

Computational Exploration of New Non-Steroidal Chemo-types as Human Aromatase Inhibitors

page: 151- 161
Research DOI: 10.25177/JCCMM.2.2.1

Molecular docking of 11β-HSD1 with (1,2,4-triazole derivatives) inhibitors in a solvated medium

page: 135- 141

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