Journal of Food Science & Technology

ISSN: 2472-6419

Impact Factor: 1.343


Page Number: 753-803

Mini review DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.5.MR.533

Role of Garlic and Ginger in Anti-oxidative and Anti-inflammatory Effects in Aging

page: 788- 795
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.5.RA.441

Survival of Listeriamonocytogenes during the production and ripening of Boza

page: 770- 776
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.5.RA.487

Phenolics from canola crude extracts protect cells from oxidative stress

page: 760- 769
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.5.RA.526

Investigation of Blood Lipid-decreasing Effect of Resveratrol and Genetic-modified Rice on Mice

page: 753- 759

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