Journal of Food Science & Technology

ISSN: 2472-6419

Impact Factor: 1.343


Page Number: 597-658

Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.2.RA.475

Optimization of Key Techniques for Ethanol Extraction of Camellia Seed Oil by Response Surface Experiment

page: 652- 658
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.2.RA.476

Effects of SclR on metabolite production in Aspergillus oryzae

page: 645- 651
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.2.RA.469

Biochemical changes in sunflower plant exposed to silver nanoparticles / silver ions

page: 629- 644
Research DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.2.RA.461

Crystal engineering of fisetin: a step towards improved biopharmaceutical parameters

page: 597- 613

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